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Terms and Conditions

1. does not enter into any employment contract made between Paralegals and Employer.  This platform is used for the sole purpose of connecting paralegals with potential employers.

2.    All Paralegals must undertake due diligence when accepting work from any Employer.  All negotiations are made between Paralegals and Employers.  All payments, work entitlements, work schedules are made between Paralegals and Employers.

3.    No personal information will be given to prospective Employer without the expressed consent of the Paralegal.

4.    All Paralegals post profiles with EmployParalegals on a voluntary basis at the agreed administration fee.  

5.    Fees can be changed without notice and will always be prominantly displayed on our website.

6.    Payment can be made online with a credit or debit card through Paypal.

7.    EmployParalegals do not accept responsibility for non-payment of wages, loss of earnings, or enter into any disputes between Paralegals and Employer.

8.    All Paralegals must accept a Code of Conduct conducive to working within a confidential and often sensitive environment.

8.    All Paralegals must have relevant legal work experience before embarking on a given assignment by any Employer.  This can be through qualification or with previous work experience.

10.   Payment of Fee by Paralegals confirms acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

11.    Fees must be paid prior to any postings on our website.

12.    Paralegals will adhere to the working terms of their contracted employer.

13.    Paralegals Paralegals work under supervision of qualified solicitors, barristers, attorneys.  The scope of their employment must reflect the restrictions on the nature of their work.

14.    Paralegals are not being employed as replacement to solicitors, barristers, attorneys.